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Line-Side Kitting Trolleys and Bogies

High quality fabrication, designed and built for demanding line side assembly environments.

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The CE/UKCA Certified metal line-side kitting trolleys and bogies serve as crucial material handling equipment designed for use in manufacturing and assembly environments. These durable units, typically crafted from robust metal materials, are outfitted with wheels or casters for easy maneuverability within facilities.
Their versatility stands out as they efficiently transport a wide array of goods, from parts to tools, aiding various operations like inventory management, order picking, and assembly tasks. Not only versatile, but these trolleys and bogies are also highly durable, built to endure heavy loads and tough handling conditions in demanding manufacturing settings. Their ease of maintenance and cleaning contributes to reduced upkeep time and resources.
Essential tools in manufacturing and assembly, these certified units offer numerous advantages, including versatility, durability, and ease of maintenance. Lowe, specializing in bespoke solutions, tailors Line-Side Kitting Trolleys and Bogies to support just-in-time/Kanban line feed part picking systems. Their customization options ensure the transportation, storage, and line feed of production parts, meeting the specific needs of industries such as automotive, rail, marine, and various OEMs and their supply chains. These CE/UKCA Certified trolleys and bogies optimize material handling operations in diverse industrial settings.