We are offering delivery for £45 regardless to quantity! Drop us a call on 01889 563244 if you can’t locate your product on here, we can fulfill any of your bespoke requirements on a quick turnaround. 

We are one of few CE accredited stillage manufactures in the UK, adding an extra layer of protection on your products. Contact us for more information. Our skilled Fabrication Engineers, all of whom hold welding qualifications certified to  ISO 9606/1:2013 and also hold Welding Inspectors qualifications BSEN ISO 5817/2007 Quality level C. All of our products are made to order by our experienced fabricators and are designed to last. We currently have a minimum order of 5. 

Lowe are CE Accredited

Lowe are one of the very few stillage manufactures within Europe that have been accredited with CE marking, BS EN ISO 8611-3:2012, BS EN ISO 445:2013 and ISO 9001 2015.

Lowe (RP) Ltd

Bramshall Industrial Estate,
Bramshall, Uttoxeter,
ST14 8SH