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Since 1993 Lowe has been a preferred supplier of high quality stillages, trolleys and material handling equipment to companies such as JCB, DHL and FedEx . We have become industry leaders in providing bespoke solutions and pride ourselves on the competitive edge our designs provide to our customers.

Welder Required - Permanent Contract

Job Title: Welder

Salary: £11 Per Hour
Location: Uttoxeter
Contract: Permanent
Hours: Monday – Friday

As a Welder, your responsibilities will include: Working towards strict deadlines Maintaining equipment in a safe, clean and good working order Ensuring work area is clean, safe and organised always Working independently and as part of a team Recognising the need for quality of work Checking stock and raw materials Documenting and communicating actions, irregularities and continuing needs Completing production and quality logs

To apply for this vacancy as a Welder please send us your CV or call our office 





BS 4278

The Dynamo eyebolt is commonly used in maintenance applications i.e. for lifting a motor


They are only designed for axial loading due to the small collar and ring cross section

Collard Eyebolt

BS 4278

The collard eye bolt is the general-purpose eyebolt used in a wide variety of applications


The large collar and ring cross section means this eyebolt is suited to both axial and angular loading, providing the eye is aligned to the direction of pull


The size of the eye is often a restriction and commonly required a shackle to aid lifting

Eyebolt with link

BS 4278

The Eyebolt with link is used where the eye of the collard eye bolt is to small to get a hook through


The compact eye and the link allow the eyebolt with link to be loaded in any direction providing more versatility

Collar eyebolt with Welded Link

BS 4278

Collar eyebolt with welded link serves the same purpose as the eyebolt with link allowing for loading in any direction


However, it only has the same lift capacity ratings as the standard collard eyebolt

DIN 580 Eye Bolt

DIN 580

The DIN 580 eye bolt are primarily intended as permanent attachments on equipment such as motors, control cabinets, gear boxes, etc. for their transport


If used as temporary attachments the next largest size should be selected from that specified.


Side pull or Shear Loading must be avoided, and load bearing capacity is only good to pull angled ≤45° 

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