Warehouse & Logistics

Stillages manufactured for the Warehouse and Logistic Industry are generally for the movement and transportation of goods around the warehouse and for the delivery of those goods to the end user. These types of stillages have to easily transportable, fit into specific sized transportation can be collapsible for the return journey. With this in mind, here at Lowe Stillages and Cages we understand the importance of versatility and maximization of the amount of goods to be transported. These types of stillages generally have excessive use and the quality of the stillage is paramount, but also is the weight, as the heavier the stillage the more fuel will be used for the transportation of the goods.

Safety of the use of the Stillage is also critical and Standard Operating Procedures need to be implemented to ensure safe use of the Stillage/Trolley by warehouse personnel, to protect all parties. CE marking is also critical in this type of industry to prove that the design has been review to show that is fit for the purpose for which it is used and that all criteria has been considered.

Important issues specific to the Warehouse and Logistics Industry are as follows:

  • Design of the stillages, fit for the purpose for which it is used and that all criteria has been considered, especially health and safety
  • Design for the maximization of the product in transit.
  • The quality grade of the Materials used in the manufacture of the stillages, robust but as light as possible.
  • The attachments used to lift and move the stillages around and the safety around these appliances making sure they conform with Loler.
  • Traceability of labour and materials, CE Accreditation
  • Which standards will LOWE use during; design, build and testing?
  • The Stillage will require some form of ID label; Drawing No’ and TARE / Working Load Limit