Custom Stillages & Cages for Efficient Manufacturing.

Your Solution for Industry-Specific Manufacturing Needs

At Lowe Stillages & Cages, we specialise in manufacturing bespoke and custom stillages and cages that cater to the unique requirements of various manufacturing industries. With our expertise and commitment to delivering high-quality solutions, we have become the trusted partner for businesses seeking efficient and tailored storage and transportation solutions.

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    Meeting the Unique Requirements of Manufacturing Industries

    Manufacturing industries rely heavily on stillages and cages to streamline their day-to-day processes. These versatile storage and transport solutions are essential for ensuring safe handling, easy organisation, and optimal space utilisation. Let’s explore how our custom stillages and cages can benefit specific sectors:

    Warehouse & Logistics

    For efficient warehouse and logistics operations, we offer a range of stillages and cages such as storage racking, large industrial racking, and gravity racking. These solutions facilitate easy inventory management, space optimisation, and smooth movement of goods within the warehouse.

    Oil & Gas Industry

    In the demanding oil and gas industry, our custom stillages and cages are built to withstand harsh environments. We provide solutions like heavy-duty hand-railing, storage cages, and heavy-duty bucket stillages to ensure secure storage and transportation of equipment, parts, and materials.

    Nuclear Industry

    In the nuclear industry, safety and precision are paramount. Our custom stillages and cages, including build stands, plasma guide rails, and weld screens, are designed to meet stringent standards and safely handle sensitive components and equipment.

    Marine Industry

    For the marine industry, we offer specialised stillages and cages such as plate racks, chassis trolleys, and window screen stands. These solutions facilitate secure storage and transportation of marine components, ensuring durability and protection against saltwater corrosion.

    Heavy Manufacturing Industry

    In the heavy manufacturing industry, where large-scale equipment and machinery are involved, our custom stillages and cages play a crucial role. We provide heavy-duty mainframe trolleys, mezzanine floors, and access steps to enhance efficiency in material handling and assembly processes.

    Defence Industry

    For the defense sector, our custom stillages and cages are designed to meet stringent security and functionality requirements. Solutions like boom trolleys, cab stillage bogies, and heavy-duty barriers ensure safe storage, transportation, and deployment of defense equipment and supplies.

    Automotive Industry

    In the fast-paced automotive industry, our custom stillages and cages, such as tyre stillages, kitting build trolleys, and lineside kitting solutions, facilitate organised storage, efficient assembly, and just-in-time delivery of automotive components, ensuring smooth production processes.

    Other Industry-Specific Solutions

    Additionally, we offer a wide range of industry-specific stillages and cages to enhance efficiency across various sectors.

    Some of our great clients…

    Simply an amazing service. From the initial concept and design, through to the manufacturing and supply we have had a first class experience. Jordan and the team have tweaked and supported our project in the most professional manner throughout, delivering a superb solution on time and to the highest specification.

    Mark Mullaney

    I was thoroughly impressed with the service provided by Lowe Stillages and Cages. From the initial consultation to the quick turnaround time for delivery, everything was seamless. The quality of the product is superb and I couldn’t be happier with my purchase.

    Andrew Walker

    I have used Lowe Stillages and Cages for several orders now and have always been blown away by their level of service. They go above and beyond to ensure that their customers are satisfied and the quick turn around times are a huge plus. The quality of their products is top-notch and I would highly recommend them to anyone in need of stillages and cages.

    Richard Hesltine

    Are you in need of bespoke storage and logistics solution?

    At Stillages & Cages, we understand the diverse needs of different industries and can manufacture custom stillages and cages that precisely meet your requirements. Contact us today to discuss your specific needs and discover how our solutions can enhance your manufacturing efficiency.

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