Defence Industry Stillages and Cages

Defence Industry 

Stillages and products manufactured for the defence sector are of a wide variety of types, and can be anything from production support equipment for the manufacture of military vehicles including submarines, excavators, tracked vehicles. Through to simple stillages for the transport of gabion’s and fortification barriers. the defense sector is a highly regulated and high security sector with this in mind, here at Lowe Stillages and Cages we understand the importance of confidentiality and control of sensitive data. Due to the nature of the Defence Industry design considerations need to be made to provide a robust product that will stand the test of time in harsh environments. The client will provide clear highly controlled specifications of their requirements, Lowe will then provide a technical review of the suitability of the design and all relevant documentation for example:- test plans, reports, quality information, Inspection and weld/paint procedures, that conform to these specifications.

Important issues specific to Defence sector products are as follows:

· The quality grade of the Materials used in the manufacture of the stillages.

· Maintain Client confidentiality and integrity of all transferable data and products in line with Export controls

· The attachments used to lift and move the stillages around and the safety around these appliances making sure they conform with LOLER.

· Traceability of labour and materials, CE Accreditation

· Testing procedures to include dye pen, load testing

· Thorough inspection including first article and last article (FAIR and LAIR)

· Robust design proving using Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

· Which standards will LOWE use during; design, build and testing?

· Any product that is required to support a load will require some form of ID label, Drawing No’ and TARE / Working Load Limit

· Serial number against the batch and PO reference.

· Traceability of Welder and NDE Qualifications and approval

All of the above are paramount within an industry where robustness and durability are key. Here at Lowe Stillages and Cages we have extensive expertise in the design of products that will meet or exceed the proposed product lifecycle.