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Achieving Superior Surface Finishes: The Techniques Used at Lowe Stillages & Cages

At Lowe Stillages & Cages, we understand the importance of high-quality surface finishes for our products. We utilize various techniques to ensure durability, aesthetics, and corrosion resistance. Let’s explore some of the techniques we employ:

Wet Paint Spraying: Wet paint spraying involves the application of liquid paint onto a surface using compressed air or a specialized spray gun. This technique allows for a smooth and even coating, enhancing both the decorative and protective aspects of our stillages, pallet cages, and other fabrications. Wet spraying is a cost-effective and efficient process that provides a visually appealing finish.

Powder Coating: Powder coating is a dry finishing process that involves electrostatically applying a fine powder to a surface. The powder, composed of pigment and resin particles, adheres to the object and is then melted and fused into a durable coating through heat. Powder coating offers excellent resistance to corrosion, chipping, and fading, making it a preferred choice for clients who require a long-lasting, aesthetically pleasing finish.

Galvanizing: Galvanizing is a process of applying a protective layer of zinc to steel or iron to prevent corrosion. Stillages and pallets that will be exposed to harsh weather conditions or stored outside benefit from galvanizing. The process involves immersing the metal object in molten zinc or applying zinc through hot-dip galvanizing. Galvanizing provides a highly durable finish that effectively prevents rust and corrosion, significantly extending the lifespan of our fabrications.

Electroplating: Electroplating is a technique that deposits a thin layer of metal onto a conductive surface through electrochemical reactions. For stillages, electroplating serves both decorative and protective purposes. The stillage is immersed in an electrolyte solution along with a metal electrode, and an electric current is applied to facilitate the metal deposition. Electroplating enhances appearance, provides corrosion resistance, and improves conductivity. It is particularly useful for smaller components such as shootbolts, hinges, and intricate collapsible pallets or stillages.

Each surface finishing technique has its advantages and applications. Our experts at Lowe Stillages & Cages carefully select the appropriate technique based on factors such as intended use, environmental conditions, and client preferences. We prioritize the quality and longevity of our finishes, ensuring that our products exceed expectations in terms of appearance and performance.

When it comes to reliable, durable, and aesthetically pleasing stillages and pallet cages, trust Lowe Stillages & Cages. Our commitment to superior surface finishes ensures that our products not only meet but exceed your expectations. Contact us today to discover how our techniques can enhance your storage and material handling solutions.