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Collapsible Metal Pallets

Easy to stack, collapsible stillages designed to maximise efficient storage when not being used.

Lowe are CE Accredited

Lowe are one of the very few stillage manufactures within Europe that have been accredited with CE marking, BS EN ISO 8611-3:2012, BS EN ISO 445:2013 and ISO 9001 2015.

Our collapsible metal pallets allow for the ease of transportation of goods through its complex bespoke design. The pallet feet are designed with open cups, allowing for stacking when both upright and folded.

Our collapsible metal pallets are available with:

Drop sides and half drop sides

Our designs range from the most simple solutions to the highest of complexity dependant on your specifications.

PVC (Plastic side covers)

Plastic covers are predominantly used when looking to transport items such as parcels. Where return loads and space is restricted, you can simply remove PVC siding.

Any colour RAL or galvanised upon request

All of our products are available in any of colour you may require, be that a standard RAL or mixed to your specifications. We also offer our products galvanised or zinc coated.

Fork guides and lifting eyes

Fork guides and lifting eyes provide a viable solution when looking for the ease of transportation. Fork guides can be produced partially of full and can be added to as many sides as required.

Load testing

Being a bespoke manufacturer we can ensure that each pallet is produced to hold whatever load you may require, load testing is available on all products.

With an experienced design team we can ensure that all multi orders or bespoke requests include 3D drawings using Solid Works software.

Are You Prepared For A HSE Random Inspection?

We are one of the very few stillage manufactures within Europe that have been accredited with CE marking, Call our team today, we carry out site visits and ensure you material handling is compliant and within current regulations.

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What sets us apart from competitors?

Problem Solving

Firstly, over many years we have worked closely with our clients in providing solutions to their complex material handling storage/trolley etc. requirements. Problem solving is our strength, whatever the issue we can provide a solution.


Lowe deliver a complete solution to your material handling requirements. From your initial concept, we produce a detailed 3D design, working with you all the way through the design process, until reaching an agreed drawing.


Our purpose-built production facility is based in the heart of Staffordshire. We custom build every fabrication, taking the steel from its rawest state straight through to a high-quality product. Our fabrications are built by skilled engineers to last. During every stage of the production process our products are inspected to ensure the highest standards.

Long Term Relationships

We pride ourselves not only on just providing the perfect product/ solution, but the relationship that we have with our customers for the foreseeable future. If you have any issues or problems that need solving further down the line, we will always be here to assist.


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