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Heavy Manufacturing- Enhancing Efficiency and Cost Savings

Client: JCB Earthmovers


Earthmovers JCB (JCB EM) is one of the largest companies in the heavy Manufacturing industry field in which they specialises in the production of large excavators. Therefore, it’s safe to conclude that JCB EM is very influential among its competitors. Through focusing on the high quality and performance JCB worked at maximum efficiency to decrease expenses and increase the productivity of their materials handling processes.


JCB EM faced significant challenges in their materials handling operations, including:
  • Ineffective use indoors for nozzles, rubber hoses and bulkhead flange gaskets in their warehouses.
  • Large maintenance periods and replacement costs of current machinery.
  • The risk of damage associated with the transport and storage of the rated material and equipment is high.
  • When compared with today solutions which are not customisable due to lack of flexibility


The JCB EM management saw the need of a material handling and storage solution that would fit their particular needs. They found a solution through Lowe Stillages and Cages which was tailored for their needs. Drawing on 30 years of the company’s presence as a valued partner with the industry giant, Lowe suggested an individual strategy to take JCB EM a significant step forward and solve the current limitations the company is facing.
Key components of the solution included:
  • Custom-designed stillages and cages: Lowe created tailored racking, which was vital to get space utilisation up and  also ensure that the tools and materials will be safely transported and stored. In this way, the hauling allowed early delivery of components, serving the Just-In-Time (JIT) processes and thus reducing final storage expenses.
  • Durable construction: Firstly, Lowe’s solutions, made from the best mild steel in the market, were designed to be suitable in harsh working environment and strengthened to resist any damage or breakdown needs, thus resulting in bring down the maintenance costs too.
  • Modular design: Lowe’s racks were engineered to incorporate the concept of modularisation which in turn allows for easier customisation and the occasional adoption of new operating procedures.
  • Cost-effective pricing:
  • Due to better quality and configurability of its solutions, Lowes outpriced its counterparts but packed exclusive features in the solutions that were very competitive in the market.


By implementing Lowe Stillages and Cages’ materials handling solutions, JCB EM achieved the following results:
  • Significant cost savings: Stock loss, replacement cost as a result of degradation, and repair expenses necessary to ensure the proper functioning of the equipment.
  • Improved efficiency: The lean production process which we introduced in the facility led to higher productivity, and ensured that we continued meeting demand without incrementing the overheads.
  • Enhanced safety: Construction of robust Lowe’s stillage and cages provided a safe situation for the workers’ operation with minimum accidents and injuries, which led to a stable working setting.
  • Customisation and flexibility: Fast tracked operational plans in such a way as delivering up-to-date cause of actions that resulted in high efficiency and compactness of the team.


With Lowe Stillages and Cages as their resolute partner, JCB EM succeeded in managing their subsequent handling of materials by reducing costs dramatically in their operations due through optimisation. Each day they strive to become bigger and better. Such growth and creative momentum fuel their desire to explore new avenues of cooperation with Lowe in order to achieve even more in the future.
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