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Customizing Your Metal Stillages and Cages for Optimal Material Handling and Storage

As well as Lowe UK supplying stock stillages with set dimensions and load capabilities, we also offer services that make it possible for the client to choose exactly what size, shape, and capabilities they want their metal stillage to have. This allows clients to make the most out of their stillage, ensuring that it is effective in its purpose. 

It is vital for clients to choose the right size for their stillage so it, not only fits their purpose, but also the space that they have available. This allows the stillage to reach a high level of effectiveness since it can fulfill its purpose without creating any problems for the client. This also coincides with the shape of the stillage, if it is designed around what it is intended to hold, it can maximise how much it can store overall.

Additionally, the client is able to specify if they would like the stillage to have any other capabilities, such as including fork guides, for quick and simple transport or having a drop-front, allowing the stillage to be accessed from multiple sides. 

All of these factors combine to provide the client with their ideal stillage at the end of customization, ensuring that the client gets the most out of their investment.