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Maximising Safety and Security with Metal Stillages and Cages in Your Warehouse

Two major concerns for any business are the safety and welfare of their employees and operatives as well as the security of their materials. Harm or damage to either can have knock-on consequences for the other.

We take care to ensure that not only your goods and/or raw materials are kept safe but also, that your employees and operatives are cared for to an even higher degree. 

Risk assessments are carried out on all materials handling equipment to ensure that no contents can fall or slide out risking injury to personnel. We work to BS, ISO, CE, PUWER, and LOLA regulations to prevent any risk to operational staff. This is particularly important on equipment that will be hoisted by cranes. We are able to load test and safety check all stillages and their lifting points, and provide certification and SWL/WLL/MGW/Tare identification on all products requiring it.

Where appropriate, we are able to provide information packs and instructions on how to use and safely operate our stillages, trolleys, and other materials handling equipment. It is also important for users to have routine safety inspections carried out on all their equipment in line with appropriate regulations to further ensure the safety of their employees.

For the security of components and/or raw materials stored in stillages, it can be possible to fit security measures to prevent tampering, theft or damage to goods. These can range widely from using solid sheet material for cladding or small aperture weldmesh to prevent access inside stillages. Locks, bolts, and other security fixings can also be added to ensure access is denied during transit, storage and usage.

Cardholders, ID plates, and labels (as well as stenciling) can be fitted in a wide range of styles to identify goods and storage locations. RFID tags are also available to locate individual stillages and log them in and out of stock control software when needed.