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How Metal Stillages Can Improve Your Supply Chain Efficiency

Our metal stillages, trolleys, and other materials handling equipment can all massively improve the efficiency of your supply chain and warehousing needs.

We will work with you right from the initial enquiry to understand not only how your products need to be stored but also, how to achieve the most effective and efficient storage solutions for your requirement.

We will look into pack factors and nesting of components to ensure that the maximum number (where required) are able to fit into the most efficient size storage units and equipment. We can work with actual components or CAD models and can demonstrate layouts at initial concept stages using our CAD software. 

We can advise on safe stacking heights and loads, as well as manufacturing to suit your own racking systems or roller storage shelving. We will look into the best options to suit your transport needs, to make sure you have the optimum use of your vehicles. We are able to provide collapsible stillages where appropriate, which can reduce the costs involved in transporting back empty stillages, whilst also reducing warehouse space when not in use.

It may be a particular requirement for you to have indexing locations or sequential numbering systems for your parts. Colour coding and individual part separation may also be a requirement. We are able to provide all of this and more including protective dunnage materials to prevent damage to your components and reduce your overheads in waste materials and damaged goods.

We can manufacture Kitting Trolleys and Work In Progress (WIP) equipment that can have bespoke layouts to suit your lineside assembly needs. Complete sets of components can be arranged as required (including tooling) and securely stored and moved around your factory to enable your employees to have everything they need to hand.

Bespoke fork lift guides, towing balls, hoisting points and lifting lugs for example can all be fitted to provide you with the best means of transporting your goods around your site. We are able to provide hitch points and castors and wheels (suitable for towing) with all of the commonly used towing tugs from all the main manufacturers.

We are also able to supply stillages and equipment suitable for use with robotic loading and unloading systems, with floor mounted locations, RFID tags, and bespoke sensor location tags etc.

Colour coding options, serial/sequential numbering, ID plates, adhesive labels, stencils and many other options are available to ensure all of your components are easily sorted and identifiable.