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Metal Post Pallet with Removable Posts Open Base

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    SizeSKUExternal DimensionsInternal DimensionsLoad CapacityStacking Height
    900 x 600 x 750245-LK-PP-900x600-RP-OB900L x 600W x 750H780L x 480W x 600H1000 Kg2 to 3
    1300 x 800 x 750246-LK-PP-1300x800-RP-OB1300L x 800W x 750H1180L x 680W x 600H1000 Kg2 to 4
    2000 x 1000 x 750247-LK-PP-2000x1000-RP-OB2000L x 1000W x 750H1880L x 880W x 600H1000 Kg2 to 5
    2500 x 1250 x 750248-LK-PP-2500x1250-RP-OB2500L x 1250W x 750H2380L x 1130W x 600H1000 Kg2 to 6
    Steel Thickness3mm
    Weld Type:Fully Welded Frame
    Steel Frame:60x60x3 SHS, 50x50x3 SHS (Removable Posts)
    FinishSpray Painted
    Other Finish (available at additional cost)Galvanised, Powdercoated
    Fork Guides10mm pockets (Full length available at additional cost)
    Estimated Lead Time2 weeks

    The CE / UKCA Certified Load King Removable Metal Post Pallet with Open Base guarantees a strong platform frame for the storage and transportation of large, bulky goods and materials around the site. The product has both the benefits of a stillage and a spreader platform, where items can be stored and transported in modular configurations.

    The posts of the pallets are removable and offer efficient unloading and loading of the goods irrespective of their height. The removable posts and stackable combination of the post pallets enable the utilization of space around the workplace when empty. The lengthy posts offer to store more goods with substantial heights for a long period of time, hassle-free.

    The load-carrying capacity of the pallets can be built according to special industrial applications where the sizes and thickness of the pallet frame can be adjusted to bear the requirements. The frames can also be fitted with fork guides upon choice which allows steady handling for the lifting trucks. The pallet is suited for almost any industry like construction, textile, plastic, shipbuilding, railways, power, agriculture, etc. It is highly advised that prior to lifting, the load inside the frame should be measured and not exceed 75 percent of the rated capacity (critical lift) of the lifting truck.

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    Fork Guides

    No, Yes


    1300mm x 800mm x 750mm, 2000mm x 1000mm x 750mm, 900mm x 600mm x 750mm

    Paint Color

    Black, Blue, Green, Orange, Red, White, Yellow

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    FeatureLowe Stillages & Cages (LoweSC)Competitors
    Material QualityPremium metals used exclusivelyVaried materials
    Product LifetimeLonger-lastingMay vary in durability
    StrengthReinforced with bracesMay not have added strength
    Weight CapacityHigher weight capacityLimited weight capacity
    Lead TimeShorter lead time for bespoke productsLonger lead time
    Product RangeWide range of off-the-shelf productsLimited product selection
    Free DeliveryFree delivery on certain mainland UK ordersDelivery charges may apply
    Customer SupportExcellent customer supportVariable support quality
    Manufacturing LocationAll products manufactured in StaffordshireLocation may vary
    CE CertificationLoweSC products are CE CertifiedCompetitors lack CE Certification

    Lowe Stillages & Cages stand out as a premium option due to their exclusive use of premium metals, resulting in a longer product lifetime and enhanced strength with the use of braces. Their products can safely handle higher weight capacities compared to competitors. Customers benefit from a shorter lead time for bespoke items and a diverse range of off-the-shelf products to choose from.

    Additionally, Lowe Stillages & Cages offer the advantage of free delivery on certain mainland UK orders, further enhancing the customer experience. Their commitment to excellent customer support ensures that buyers receive personalized assistance throughout their purchasing journey.

    Furthermore, all their products are proudly manufactured in their warehouse in Staffordshire, emphasising the attention to detail and quality control that goes into each item they produce. Choosing Lowe Stillages & Cages means choosing a premium, reliable, and supportive solution for your storage and handling needs.

    Applicable Industries: Construction, Textile, Plastic, Shipbuilding, Railways, Power, Agriculture

    Key characteristics: Heavy Duty, Durable for Longer Periods, Smooth finish, Easy loading & Unloading, Stackable

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    Rapid Turn Around
    Any Colour RAL

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      Frequently Asked Questions

      The most common types of stillages used throughout a variety of industries are Sheet Sided Solid Stillages, Mesh Stillages, & Open Fronted Stillages.

      However, we always recommend a requesting a custom stillage design, as stillage use can be as unique as the service you offer.

      All materials are supplied by our quality-approved, reputable local UK steel stockholders, painted Black unless otherwise stated. For galvanised finish please contact us for a competitive price.The most common types of stillages used throughout a variety of industries are Sheet Sided Solid Stillages, Mesh Stillages, & Open Fronted Stillages.

      However, we always recommend a requesting a custom stillage design, as stillage use can be as unique as the service you offer.

      When buying a CE marked Stillage, each stillage will go through a design review, this means checking on suitability of design, materials and conformity to all current legislation. This means certainty that you are not buying a stillage that is not fit for purpose.

      Typically stillages with removable dividers are the most commonly used. This stillage is perfect for multipurpose. You can easily store multiple smaller items, then remove the dividers for storage of larger items.

      However we would recommend a free design quote, there are a wide range of customisable options available & we would recommend making use of our bespoke design service.

      Making it easy & efficient to transport your products via a forklift can be essential. Adding Forklift Guides will ensure you have more control over your stillage load as the pallet will be evenly balanced.

      Fitting 360-degree castor wheels, rather than a standard fixed leg will make moving your Stillages around the warehouse or factory much easier. These are an excellent solution to product transport due to their flexibility & versatility.

      If you're looking for a more permanent & durable solution to Wooden Pallets, look no further than our Metal Post Pallet Stillages. They are fairly similar to Bin Stillages, but have no sides. They can be used across a wide range of industries for transportation & storage of goods.

      If you do not have a forklift or have limited licensed forklift operators, or are struggling to move goods around your factory or warehouse, our range of stillage trolleys are designed and manufactured for ease of movement.

      We also offer customised stillage trolleys to meet your own specific requirements.

      The CE / UKCA Certified heavy-duty solid-sided Open Fronted Box Stillage provides a robust and sustainable method of storing and transporting goods and materials around the workplace. Its mild steel construction gives protection and support to the items being stored. The open front gives the user un-restricted access to the items contained.

      The CE / UKCA Certified Load King forklift gas bottle handler made with a rigid base can handle a range of cylinders depending on your requirements. The ratchet strap attachment makes the product suitable to use in an operational environment. The base is made of a durbar plate which prevents slip and increases safety.