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Selecting Stillages that Comply with PUWER Regulations: A Step-by-Step Guide

Proper selection is crucial for ensuring the safety and compliance of stillages in your workplace. Let’s explore the key steps to follow when selecting stillages that meet PUWER regulations.

  1. Assess the Requirements: Determine the specific requirements for stillages based on their intended use, the materials or goods to be stored or transported, and any industry or application-specific needs. Consider load capacity, dimensions, stacking capability, and other relevant factors.
  2. Research and Evaluate Suppliers: Research reputable suppliers or manufacturers of stillages known for their compliance with recognised safety standards and regulations. Evaluate their track record, reputation, and customer reviews to ensure reliability and quality.
  3. Review Technical Specifications: Obtain technical specifications and documentation from potential suppliers. Review these specifications to ensure that the stillages meet the necessary safety criteria outlined in PUWER regulations. Pay attention to structural integrity, stability, load ratings, and safety measures implemented in the design.
  4. Inspect Certifications and Compliance: Check if the stillages have appropriate certifications or markings indicating compliance with relevant safety standards and regulations, such as the European Union CE marking. Additionally, ensure that the stillages meet the specific requirements outlined in PUWER regulations.
  5. Consider Ergonomics and Safety Features: Evaluate the ergonomic features and safety measures incorporated into the design of the stillages. Look for rounded edges, secure stacking mechanisms, anti-slip surfaces, and appropriate labelling or warning signs to promote safe usage.
  6. Seek Expert Advice: Consult industry experts or safety professionals who have knowledge and experience in selecting stillages that comply with PUWER regulations. Their expertise can provide guidance and ensure compliance with relevant standards and best practices.
  7. Document Selection Process: Maintain a record of the selection process, including supplier information, technical specifications, compliance certifications, and any additional documentation related to the selected stillages. This documentation demonstrates due diligence in selecting compliant equipment.

By following these steps, employers can ensure that the stillages selected for use in their workplace adhere to PUWER regulations. Regularly review and reassess the selection process to account for changes in regulations or workplace requirements. At Stillages & Cages, we prioritise safety and compliance, offering a range of stillages designed to meet industry standards and regulations.