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Stillages Maintenance and Repair: Applying LOLER Regulations – A Perspective from Lowe Stillages and Cages

At Lowe Stillages and Cages, we not only manufacture and supply premium-quality stillages but also ardently advocate for their proper upkeep. We understand that adhering to Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations (LOLER) is instrumental for the safe use and longevity of stillages. In this blog post, we delve into how LOLER regulations apply to the maintenance and repair of stillages and why these regulations are crucial in ensuring safety and operational efficiency.

Regular Maintenance

LOLER regulations place significant emphasis on regular maintenance of stillages. Employers are required to establish a regular maintenance program, which includes routine inspections, maintenance activities, and necessary repairs. The goal is to ensure the safe and reliable operation of stillages, thus mitigating risks and extending their lifespan.

Thorough Examinations

Beyond routine inspections, LOLER mandates periodic thorough examinations of stillages, to be conducted by a competent person or organisation. These examinations probe deeper, assessing the structural integrity, safety features, and overall compliance of the stillages. By doing so, they serve as an additional layer of safety assurance and regulatory compliance.

Prompt Repairs

When defects, damages, or issues are identified during inspections or thorough examinations, LOLER regulations necessitate prompt resolution. Employers should engage qualified personnel to carry out necessary repairs using appropriate methods and materials. This quick action minimises downtime and ensures the continued safe use of the stillages.

Replacement of Defective Parts

In cases where a stillage component is found to be defective beyond repair, LOLER regulations may require its replacement. Employers should take the initiative to ensure that replacement parts or components meet the necessary specifications and maintain the integrity of the stillage. This step further guarantees the overall safety and performance of the stillages in lifting operations.


Finally, LOLER requires diligent record-keeping of maintenance activities, inspections, thorough examinations, and any repairs or replacements made to the stillages. Proper documentation serves as evidence of compliance with LOLER regulations and helps track the maintenance history of the stillages, which is invaluable for their long-term management.

In conclusion, complying with LOLER regulations in the maintenance and repair of stillages is a multi-faceted process. It involves regular maintenance, thorough examinations, prompt repairs, the replacement of defective parts when necessary, and meticulous documentation. All these measures contribute to the safe and compliant use of stillages during lifting operations. Here at Lowe Stillages and Cages, we are committed to supporting our clients in understanding and implementing these vital regulatory obligations, thereby promoting a safe, efficient, and compliant working environment.