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Why Choose a Lowe Stillage

Why Choose a Lowe Stillage?

Often when customers specify their requirements, they are structured around Cost, Quality and Delivery.

Here at LoweUK this is where our focus starts, during each step of our processes these 3 requirements are at the core. This blog post will aim to give you an insight into how we go from a idea from the client, to a fully implemented solution and demonstrate why you should choose LoweUK for your material handling solutions.


When a customer first engages with us discussion are had to develop an understanding of their problem and where necessary hold site visits to get hands on with the issue. This is the backbone of our customer specification

This information is then used to begin the design work, to design a product that is fit for purpose, There are a few areas which have to be considered

· The load to be carried – this will determine the section size and width of the steel

· Is it a static or dynamic load? Does extra protection need to be designed in to accommodate a dynamic load?

· The products to be transported-

  • Are they fragile or high value?
  • Product protection, dunnage design how can help harness the product further?
  • Compared to our competitors we aim to achieve zero defects for damage in Transit and zero rejects on supply

· The procedure for decanting and installing the products

  • Improved Productivity – production line considerations, reduction of time in motion
  • Ergonomic considerations.

· Lifting- how does the customer intend on moving the product?

  • Lifting eyes: fixed, removable, type
  • Integrated lifting points

· Mechanical considerations:

  • Moving parts
  • Load manipulation

· Designed in compliance with all aspects of Health and Safety considered

  • LOLER Regulations
  • PUWER Regulations
  • Load Testing
  • Reduction in Insurance Liability Claims

· Consider customer space limitations, how and where will they be stored?

  • CMP (collapsible Metal Pallets) – Efficient transportation
  • Minimise product foot print
  • Combination products

· How will the products be stored?

  • Reduce cost of warehouse space through design
  • Improved Economical Storage

· Current packaging

  • How is the clients product currently stored?
  • What can we do differently?

· Value engineering

  • Design to reduce cost
  • Product arrangement to save space
  • Suggest cost saving options and initiatives

Taking all of the above into consideration and utilising modern engineering tools such as DFx (design for everything), xFMEA (Failure Mode Effects Analysis), we then produce a comprehensive design package.

Once the design has been determined a full technical package can then be provided if required for the traceability of your stillage including

· CAD Design data

· Design study data: FEA, Simulation, static and dynamic studies

· Inspection test plans

· Load test results

· CE marking technical package

· Welder standards

· Dye Pen results

This information gives the customer confidence in the quality of the product that has been designed

Below is an example of the issues that can arise from a poor quality designed product

Shown is a couple of images of an undisclosed competitors product. The reason why this customers load was damaged was due to the stillage not providing overall protection to the load and a poor method of securing the load.

This kind of issue can be avoid through a robust design process.


Using the design data established in the design phase. Our skilled fabricators use the information to produce a product that will meet the customers requirements.

Our fabricators are approved to ISO 9606/1:2013 which gives the customer confidence in our manufacturing process an ensures our quality meaning our customers don’t have to deal with poor quality fabrication such as:

Further to this all our welders are accredited to BSEN ISO 5817/2007 Quality level C

Giving customers further confidence in our quality control methods.


At LoweUK through the use of SFDM (shop floor data management) we can accurately plan production through our manufacturing facilities.

Meaning that from the moment a purchase order is received we can provide accurate delivery dates to the customer, and react in real time to any issues that occur during the design and manufacturing process. This limits delays to committed delivery dates and in the event that a delay may occur it allows us to notify the customer as soon as the issue occurs

Further to this utilising our own transport gives us the added advantage of checking the loading of our products before delivery commences.

Choosing a lowe stillage will give you Confidence in Quality and Confidence in Compliance, which means you will be buying a stillage that meets all current legislation, that will last.

If you have any procurement requirements or would like us to assist you in any way, please click here or alternatively, drop us a call on 01889 563244