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Choosing the Perfect Stillage Design for Fragile Items with LOWE Stillages & Cages

Navigating the world of stillage design can be complex, especially when dealing with fragile items. With LOWE Stillages & Cages, a family-run industry leader with over 25 years of unparalleled experience, you can trust us to guide you seamlessly through this process. As the UK’s number one manufacturer of premium-quality Stillages & Cages, complete with CE Certification, we understand the intricacies involved in storing and transporting delicate items safely. Here’s our comprehensive guide on selecting the ideal stillage design for fragile goods:

  1. Determine Delicacy Dynamics: Dive deep into understanding the nature of your fragile items – be it their vulnerability to impacts, vibrations, or pressure.
  2. Prioritise Protective Features: Our stillages, designed with utmost care, come equipped with padding, cushioning, and shock-absorbing attributes to ensure maximum safety for your items.
  3. Focus on Load Equilibrium: Benefit from our load-bearing structures that promise even weight distribution, crucial for delicate items.
  4. Delve into Design Dynamics: Explore our range of stillages with internal partitions, foam inserts, and customisable configurations tailored to snugly fit items of diverse shapes and sizes.
  5. Ensure Stability: Our structurally sound stillage designs ensure that your fragile items remain stationary and intact during transport and handling.
  6. Embrace Space-Efficient Designs: With our collapsible or nestable stillages, not only can you maximise storage efficiency but also safeguard your fragile items from potential storage-related damages.
  7. Easy Access is Essential: Our designs prioritise user convenience, featuring wide openings and removable sides for effortless item handling.
  8. Material Matters: We guarantee materials that resonate with the nature of your fragile items, ensuring no damage or undesired reactions.
  9. Exterior Excellence: For that added layer of protection, our stillages boast external protectors, ensuring your fragile items remain unscathed from unforeseen impacts.
  10. Engage with Experts: Engage with our dedicated team of stillage specialists. Drawing from our rich legacy and a 5-star Trustpilot rating, we are ever-ready to assist and offer solutions tailor-made for your needs.

Moreover, our commitment extends beyond products. We are proud to offer a Price Match guarantee on like-for-like products and convenient financial solutions such as ‘Buy Now Pay in 30 Days’ – ensuring a smooth, value-driven experience for you. Trust LOWE Stillages & Cages, and together, let’s redefine stillage excellence!