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Handling Lowe Stillages and Cages: A Guide by the UK’s No.1 Stillage Manufacturer

The Pinnacle of Stillage Excellence:
We’re not just any stillage manufacturer. We’re the UK’s foremost producer of premium quality Stillages & Cages, offering CE Certification if required. A family-owned and operated business, our commitment to quality is evident in our 25 years of experience and our impeccable 5-Star Trustpilot rating.

Guidelines for Safe Handling:

  1. Tailored Operator Training:
    All forklift operators should undergo rigorous training, especially tailored for low stillage and cage handling. A certified training process will instill safe operation practices, including load management, precise stacking, and nimble manoeuvring.
  2. Mastering Load Dynamics:
    Prior to any lifting action, it’s vital to ascertain the stillage’s weight and content distribution. An evenly distributed load ensures stability and reduces undue stress on equipment.
  3. Securing the Load:
    Use optimal securing tools, be it straps, chains, or clamps, to affix the stillage securely onto the forklift. Lift or transport only after ensuring unwavering stability.
  4. Smart Handling Protocols:
    It’s advisable to center the load on the forks, as recommended by the equipment manufacturer, ensuring safety. During transportation, maintaining the load at an optimal height ensures clear sightlines and balance.
  5. Environment Awareness:
    The safety quotient is heightened when operators maintain unobstructed visibility and are always alert to their surroundings. Safeguard against potential accidents by steering clear of other workers or obstructions and using specified pathways.

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