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Stillages Scrutiny: Documenting Thorough Examinations and Inspections under LOLER

At Lowe Stillages and Cages, we understand the critical role thorough inspections and examinations play in maintaining the safety and integrity of stillages. The Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations (LOLER) highlight the importance of comprehensive documentation of these checks, promoting transparency, accountability, and compliance. This blog post explores how employers can effectively document these crucial procedures in accordance with LOLER regulations.

Maintain Detailed Records

Detailed record-keeping is a cornerstone of effective compliance with LOLER. Employers should maintain thorough and accurate records of all examinations and inspections conducted on stillages. Key information should include the date of the examination, the name and qualifications of the competent person conducting the examination, and all findings or observations.

Document Examination Results

The outcomes of thorough examinations and inspections need to be comprehensively recorded. All defects or issues identified should be clearly stated, with the corresponding remedial actions such as repairs or replacements also detailed. This documentation showcases the company’s adherence to LOLER regulations and the commitment to maintaining the safety of the stillages.

Retain Documentation

Documentation should be retained for a specified period, as required by local regulations or company policies. This duration ensures the documentation is always at hand for review, audits, or any future reference, fostering a culture of transparency and traceability.

Certification and Compliance Documentation

Copies of certifications or compliance documentation provided by the competent person or organisation conducting the examination should also be kept. These documents serve as concrete evidence of compliance with LOLER requirements, demonstrating adherence to regulations during inspections or audits.

Accessibility and Organisation

The usefulness of records is heavily contingent on their accessibility and organisation. Employers should make sure that the documentation of thorough examinations and inspections is easily accessible and well-organised. Proper filing and labelling systems are essential to locate and retrieve the necessary records efficiently when needed.

By following these points, employers can effectively document thorough examinations and inspections of stillages as required by LOLER. Such meticulous documentation not only ensures compliance with regulations but also provides a valuable historical record of maintenance actions. It facilitates traceability and accountability, underpinning the safety and compliance of stillages during lifting operations.

Here at Lowe Stillages and Cages, we are passionate about enhancing workplace safety and regulatory compliance. By effectively documenting inspections and examinations, we can all contribute to safer and more efficient lifting operations.