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The benefits of bespoke metal stillage design

Off-the-shelf stillages come in a wide range of sizes and designs and can also be made from a range of different materials including steel, aluminum, and plastic. If you are searching for a stillage to meet your requirements you may have found that there are several designs with roughly the same dimensions that claim to hold loads of similar values. The only distinguishing feature may be the price. You could be tempted to purchase the cheapest option. But is this a false economy?

Rather than just selecting the lowest priced stillage it may make more business sense to consider having your stillages custom-made. Choosing to have a bespoke stillage designed could help you achieve both operational and financial benefits:

1. Material selection

A shiny new metal stillage may not stay new for long. It’s working life can be tough and demanding. The wrong choice of material can result in a stillage that will easily deform or damage. It is really important that you choose the material that is fit for purpose for a lifetimes duty or risk having to replace them quickly.

  1. Unit Load

Bespoke stillages can hold a substantial amount more than stillages made in mass from cheap materials.  Our products can hold a significant amount more due to the engineering expertise and quality material that is used. We also offer load testing which provides the highest degree of assurance.

3. Storage

Reducing the amount of space that is required to store stillages that are not being used will help keep warehousing costs down. Consider bespoke stillage that is collapsible, easy to stack and designed to maximize efficient storage when not being used.

4. Transportation

Stillages are used to transport components and finished goods safely. The purpose of a stillage is that it doesn’t damage the goods it holds during this time as it eases the process of loading and unloading products to transfer them from warehouse to truck to final destination. Reducing damage in transit is a major cost consideration for many companies

  1. Safety

A bespoke design. Each design can be tested to meet your specific requirements.

A robust stillage design does not have to be complicated. The simplest of designs can be manufactured with the correct materials to perform well for your company. The key is to find a manufacturer that can match affordability and durability with quality and high service standards.

Stillages are used by many companies to enable the efficient storage, protection, and distribution of manufactured products and components. Some generic off the shelf stillages may be able to accommodate the needs of your project, but when you can’t find a solution to meet your requirements, bespoke stillages can be custom designed and manufactured to meet your individual project needs. Industries which typically store and transport irregular shaped products and components will particularly benefit from custom designed metal stillages.


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