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Benefits of using stillages compared to pallets

Why are stillages a more effective means of storage/transportation than pallets?

Moving and storing goods in warehouses is often accomplished using wooden pallets. However, although pallets are a popular option, they aren’t ideal for all goods. It’s not always possible to store heavy goods on pallets as they just cannot cope with the weight loads, so opting for stillage’s can be the best choice. You can maximise space in warehouses and on factory floors utilising stackable stillage’s. You will also find that time spent loading and unloading goods is reduced when stillage’s are used in your business.

Stillage’s are designed to separate and carry products, they are generally fabricated from steel and can be provided with a range of different surface finishes. You can tailor stillage’s to meet your own specifications, so they are custom designed to handle and protect your products at all times. Durability is a key benefit of stillage’s when compared to pallets. Wooden pallets have a limited lifespan, but custom-created steel stillage’s will last for many years.

Stillage’s can provide much more versatility than wooden pallets when it comes to the storage and movement of goods in and around business premises. Wooden pallets are generally available in limited size ranges and are unsuitable for the storage and transport of a number of products. Stillage’s, on the other hand, can be designed to match customer dimensions exactly.

This means that optimum container storage transportation can be put in place when using stillage’s, on the whole use of pallets will waste between 4% and 15% of floor space within containers. Use of a stillage for the transportation of fragile or heavy goods is a further benefit, as stillage’s can bear greater weight loads and can be specifically designed for the total protection of goods in transit.

You’ll discover a wide range of stillage designs on the market, including:

– Bespoke stillage’s which can be tailored to meet your specifications exactly and provide custom storage solutions for your goods

– Post stillage’s, which have large bars on the corners to prevent products sliding off the base of the stillage

– A-frame stillage’s, which are almost triangular in shape and are great for ensuring the protection of breakable products like glass sheets

– Mesh sided and stackable stillage’s, so it’s easy to visually check on the contents of each stillage

– Collapsible stillage’s, which can be stored neatly in the smallest of spaces, when not in use

The use of stillage’s complies with the EU Waste Framework Directive (found here), which makes requirements for the re-use of packaging items to provide higher levels of environmental protection. Packaging and wooden pallets are a significant source of wood waste and recycling of pallets at the end of their lifespan can be problematic, as they are likely to be contaminated with paint, preservatives or other chemicals and metals, such as nails.

Click here to view the government waste hierarchy. 

Lowe are UK-based manufacturers of stillage’s and cages. We can manufacture stillage’s to your exact specifications so your goods and products are 100% protected during storage and transportation. Contact us for more information.

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