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Lowe increase manufacturing capabilities

Lowe are pleased to announce the opening of our new production facility here at our Bramshall works in the heart of Staffordshire. The new facility will enable us to increase production by over 1/3 of our current capabilities. Encompassing many new production methods, Lowe are able to produce stillage’s, cages, trolleys and line-side equipment at a shorter deadline than ever before.

The new facility has seen significant investment with new equipment, cranes, and additional weld bays. With the new equipment, we can further our ability to produce large orders at a much faster rate, with the ability to stock and store products when required to do so.

Our Managing Director, Janet Lowe, expressed her delight at the extra production capacity available and our ability to provide a further enhanced service:

“Lowe’s ability to provide a superior designed fabrication has been at the forefront of our competitive advantage for many years, with many companies looking towards our services due to our fabrication expertise and problem solving abilities. Now we have increased our manufacturing and estimating capabilities, we can ensure that even the largest of bespoke orders can be adhered to, whether it be a one of 40-foot boat hall stillage or an order of 2000 post pallets.”

“With the quality of our products setting us out from our competitors, we are devoted to ensuring that no matter what size our company grows to or the size of the order we receive, we will not let that derive from the sheer quality of our product.”

Lowe Stillage’s and Cages are always looking to further our expertise, be that through training or producing the most complicated of fabrications.

If you would like to visit our manufacturing facility in Uttoxeter and see how we can assist your production, storage or logistical complications then we’d be happy to help, please click here to request a visitation at your earliest convenience.