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The Value of UKAS Management System Certification

A management system is defined as a set of processes and techniques used to ensure that an entity fulfils all of its duties in order to accomplish its goals. We can see a growing trend in a lot of corporate or family-owned organisations from various industries, such as service, manufacturing, and engineering, that are looking to get their management systems certified by a third party. Management systems certification can develop management and workforce competency, objectivity, and the prevention of conflicts of interest, whether for boosting shareholder confidence, reacting to client demand, or seeking internal company progress. We are certified by UKAS management system which means we have competent workforce working with 100 percent commitment as a team to produce products and services of high standards in order to achieve high costumer confidence and satisfaction.


UKAS (United Kingdom Accrediting Service) is the national accreditation organisation of the United Kingdom. An organisation may invest a significant amount of time, attention, and money in the certification process if it is convinced of its importance as a business tool and the resultant commercial advantages. However, if not accredited by UKAS body, the benefits of certifications may be insufficient when compared to expectations due to it not being UKAS management system. This may result in poor confidence from customers and even company staff as the management system is not certified. This highlights the importance of certification and Lowe UK is accredited which gives our customers a huge confidence in our competency to deliver excellent product and services.

The need of UKAS management system certification

Firstly, Certification, testing, standardisation, and inspection by UKAS recognised organisations reduces the need for suppliers to be reviewed by all of their clients. UKAS has also established relationships with international organisations such as the IAF, EA, and ILAC, which provide reciprocal recognition. As a consequence, it reduces the need for various supplier appraisals and is highly beneficial in lowering trade barriers.
Secondly, when a company chooses a UKAS-accredited provider, it not only ensures that they are receiving the best service for their needs, but it also teaches them that the UKAS ‘symbol’ on an organization’s documents carries considerable significance for a company on a national and worldwide level.
Finally, there are several commercial advantages to obtaining a UKAS management system accreditation for a corporation. It is a well-known fact that businesses utilise independent assessments either of their own choice, for example, to reduce the risk of product failure, or as a consequence of legal obligations, such as health and safety regulations. In most situations, these examinations include equipment standardisation, product testing, equipment inspection, and management system certification. Choosing an accredited organisation is an important decision-making and risk-management tool. Companies may save time and money by selecting a certified and hence skilled provider. There are trustworthy tests, measurements, and evaluations that are carried out in accordance with best practises for decreasing product failure, limiting downtime, and regulating manufacturing costs. There is little question that certification to internal standards may provide a competitive advantage. Indeed, having an approved authority to conduct an impartial evaluation aids in proving persistence in the occurrence of any type of legal action.