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What is Value Engineering?

What is Value Engineering?

Value Engineering our customer requirements is at the heart of all our operations here at Lowes. Our strength is in our extensive design services to help you achieve the ultimate designed product for the specific use of your operations. 

The process: 

VAVE framework with creative problem-solving that promotes the development of value-added cost-effective solutions by interdisciplinary teams. The ingrained approaches foster comparable functionality at a lower cost, thereby improving product profitability and increasing margins. Apart from costs, VAVE differentiators reduce time-to-market, through the consulting platform for Value Engineering, and expedite technology adoption.

VA/VE weighs the cost/benefit ratio of every single function and component of a product. It brings in specialists from across our organisation to propose alternative materials, designs, manufacturing, and more – it reduces costs while maintaining and (often) improving functionality

Why is value analysis important? The technique is valuable for businesses since it helps reduce costs and improve the quality of products. Besides, it enables a company to increase business efficiency and effectiveness of all processes involved.

By placing an order with Lowes you are in good hands, we have over 29 years of experience working in the Material Handling Sector, providing solutions to the most complex of issues. 

Our expertise in Nuclear, Defence, Power Generation, Marine, and Manufacturing industries not only demonstrates the quality of our design, product, and confidence in compliance with all required regulations, our UKCA accreditation (formally CE) proves our commitment to traceability, quality and investment in our people.