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Why Carry Out Load Testing?

A requirement of many of our clients is that their stillages are load tested. This is a very logical and sensible approach to ensuring that both product and personnel are protected from any risk of damage and injury.

Stillages are used for the safe storage of goods, they are often stacked on top of each other to minimise storage space. This puts an enormous load on the supporting stillages. It would be catastrophic if a weld, or material failed as the whole stack would collapse, causing surrounding stacks to fall. This would result in serious damage to stock, building and risk of injury or death to operatives working in the area. This is also a huge risk when transporting goods. A stillage failure whilst in transit would be a major issue.

In order to load test, we place the stillages under rigorous inspection and load them with weights to ensure that they are capable of carrying a full capacity load whilst stacked.

This ensures that our clients have full assurance that they are buying quality products, with zero risk to operatives, stored goods, warehouse and transportation.

We always recommend load testing. Why take the alternative risk option?

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