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Enhancing Stillage Handling with Fork Guides: A Comprehensive Overview – Stillages & Cages

At Stillages & Cages, we understand the importance of fork guides in efficient stillage handling. Explore the various types and benefits of fork guides, ensuring compatibility and safety in your operations. Trust us for personalised solutions that optimise efficiency.

Stillages & Cages is proud to manufacture thousands of stillages with diverse fork guide options. Fork guides, also known as pockets, are essential components designed to facilitate the handling and transportation of stillages using forklifts. They ensure proper alignment and secure attachment of stillages to forklift forks, enabling safe and efficient material handling.

One common type of fork guide is the fork pocket, located on the base of the stillage. These pockets accommodate forklift forks, allowing secure lifting and transportation. Fork guides can be customised in different sizes and lengths to ensure compatibility with various forklift types. It is crucial to discuss your specific requirements during the quotation stage to guarantee a perfect fit.

Another type is the integrated fork guide, which consists of metal components incorporated into the stillage frame. These guides act as channels or slots, guiding the forklift forks into the correct position. By aligning the stillage with the forklift, they minimise the risk of tilting or instability during lifting and transport.

For additional support and adaptability, bolt-on guides are separate attachments that can be bolted onto the stillage. These versatile guides can be customised and adjusted to fit specific forklift and stillage dimensions.

Adjustable guides provide flexibility by allowing repositioning or movement along the length or width of the stillage. This feature accommodates different forklift configurations and optimises load distribution. With adjustable guides, you can handle various stillage sizes and shapes efficiently.

It’s important to note that the design and configuration of fork guides may vary among manufacturers and applications. Selecting the right fork guides considers compatibility with your forklift fleet and compliance with safety standards and regulations.

Stillages & Cages is committed to enhancing stillage handling efficiency and safety. Our personalised solutions integrate high-quality fork guides into our stillages, ensuring seamless operations tailored to your specific needs. Trust us to provide reliable, compatible, and compliant solutions that optimise your material handling processes.