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Fundamental consideration: Designing Stillages to Suit Specific Requirements

At Lowe Stillages & Cages, we understand the significance of creating stillages that are tailored to meet the exact needs of our customers. Our commitment lies in delivering products that excel in both functionality and reliability. When considering the design of a stillage, there are several fundamental factors that should be taken into account to ensure optimal performance:

  1. Appropriate Steel Section Size: It is essential to match the dimensions of the stillage with the anticipated weight it will bear. By carefully assessing the load requirements, we guarantee that the steel section size is precisely calculated to maintain the integrity and stability of the stillage.
  2. Proper Formation and Bracing: Our team diligently verifies the construction and bracing of the stillage to ensure its structural integrity. By employing robust formation techniques and appropriate bracing mechanisms, we enhance the stability of the stillage, preventing any potential risks or hazards during transportation or storage.
  3. Adequate Product Protection: At Lowe Stillages & Cages, we prioritise the protection of your valuable stored items. Our stillages are equipped with sufficient safeguards to safeguard your products from damage or any adverse environmental conditions. By considering factors such as impact resistance, cushioning, and corrosion protection, we provide reliable solutions that keep your items secure.
  4. Load Testing: To guarantee the reliability and performance of our stillages, we subject them to rigorous load testing. This ensures that they can withstand the designated weight-bearing capacity without compromising their structural integrity or safety. Our load testing procedures adhere to strict industry standards, providing you with peace of mind and confidence in the durability of our products.
  5. Compliance with Safety Standards: Safety is of paramount importance in the design and manufacturing of our stillages. We adhere to all relevant safety standards and regulations, ensuring that our products meet the highest industry benchmarks. By prioritising safety compliance, we aim to protect both your workforce and your valuable assets.
  6. Customisation Options: We understand that each customer has unique requirements. That’s why we offer customisation options for our stillages. Whether it’s modifying the dimensions, incorporating specific features, or adding accessories, we work closely with our clients to create tailored solutions that perfectly align with their needs.

At Lowe Stillages & Cages, we believe in delivering stillages that are meticulously designed and engineered to meet the demands of various industries. Our commitment to quality, safety, and customisation sets us apart, making us the ideal partner for all your stillage requirements.