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Guide to Providing Key Technical Information: Lowe Stillages & Cages

Lowe Stillages & Cages continues to emphasize the necessity of detailed information for accurate quotations as outlined in our previous blogs. This time, we aim to provide a checklist of essential details we need when designing and pricing your bespoke stillages and materials handling equipment. Prompt and accurate information can streamline the design process, ensuring the resulting product precisely fits your needs.

• Identification: To create your profile in our system, we need your name, address, and contact details.
• Intended Contents: Specify what items will be stored or transported in the stillage/pallet.
• Stillage Dimensions: Please provide the length, width, and height. Also, note any storage or transportation restrictions.
• Load Dimensions: We require the length, width, and height of the items to be stored.
• Load Weight: Please provide the weight of the items in kilograms.
• Quantities: Indicate the number of stillages required and the number of items per stillage. Also specify if this is for a prototype, pre-production batch, or bulk order.
• Stackability: Do the stillages need to stack with one another or with existing units? • Collapsibility: If space is an issue, consider if a collapsible or removable post pallet would be beneficial. • Accessibility: Specify if the stillages need a gate, half drop front, removable panels, etc., to aid loading/unloading. Will lift assist devices be used? • Component Handling: How will the items be secured in the stillage? Do they require separation or specific handling features?
• Colour: Please provide the RAL colour codes.
• Castors: If needed, please specify the type—fixed, swivel, braked—and the surfaces they will be used on.
• Fork Guides or Pockets: If these are required for forklift handling, please provide dimensions.
• CE Accreditation: We can provide CE accredited stillages, including certificates, testing information, and build regulations.
• Load Testing: Is this required and to what load capacity?
• Delivery Address: Please provide the postcode for delivery.
• Existing Designs: If available, please send any existing CAD models, drawings, photos, sketches of the stillages or the stored items.
• FEA Analysis: This tool can verify design strength before production and testing, especially useful for hoisted items or safety-critical areas.
• Alternative Finishes: Would finishes like powder coating, galvanising, or electroplating be beneficial instead of wet spray paint?
• Specific Requirements: Share any other key factors unique to your business, such as nuclear facility, surface contamination, hygiene, environmental/weather factors etc.

Be sure to revisit our related blogs on the importance of providing detailed information for accurate quoting and considerations when buying bespoke stillages.