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Understanding Stillages: More Than Just Storage Solutions

When it comes to storage and transportation solutions in various industries, stillages and cages often come to mind. However, a stillage and a cage are not interchangeable, and understanding the difference can significantly impact your logistics and storage strategy.

What is the Difference Between a Stillage and a Cage?

At first glance, stillages and cages may seem quite similar; both are platforms used for holding goods. But the key difference lies in their design and function.

Stillages are specifically designed for the secure transportation and storage of particular types of goods. They often come with sides, a lid, and even shelves. Unlike pallets, stillages can be stacked upon one another without the need for additional equipment, making them highly versatile.

Cages, on the other hand, are typically more open in design and are used to contain and transport items that may not require the same level of protection as those stored in stillages. Cages are often used for items like bulk materials, laundry, or even livestock.

Stillages and Cages in Various Industries

  1. Automotive Industry: In automotive manufacturing, stillages are indispensable for transporting various vehicle components within the factory. They ensure the safe and efficient movement of parts like engines, chassis, and body panels. Explore our automotive stillage solutions today!
  2. Manufacturing Industry: Manufacturers rely on stillages and cages for the storage and transportation of raw materials, work-in-progress items, and finished products. The flexibility of stillages allows them to adapt to the unique needs of different production processes. Discover our range of manufacturing stillages here.
  3. Agricultural Industry: In agriculture, stillages find use in the handling and storage of crops, seeds, and equipment. They offer protection from the elements and are especially handy for sensitive agricultural products. Check out our agricultural stillages for your farm needs.
  4. Construction Industry: Construction sites often use stillages for organising and moving construction materials like steel beams, pipes, and concrete blocks. Their robust design ensures these materials remain secure during transit. See our construction stillages for efficient construction logistics.
  5. Retail and Warehousing: Stillages and cages play a crucial role in retail and warehousing by facilitating the efficient storage and transportation of goods, helping to streamline supply chain operations. Explore our retail and warehousing solutions today!
  6. Logistics and Distribution: Both stillages and cages are vital in logistics and distribution for safely transporting goods from distribution centers to retail locations. They help optimise storage space in delivery vehicles. Check out our logistics and distribution cages for seamless transport.
  7. Textile and Apparel Industry: Stillages are used in the textile industry for organising and transporting rolls of fabric. They help prevent damage to delicate textiles during handling and transport. Find the ideal textile stillages for your fabrics.
  8. Food and Beverage Industry: In this industry, stillages and cages are utilised for storing and moving products like bottles, cans, and packaged food items. Their sturdy construction ensures the safety of goods in transit. Explore our food and beverage stillages for secure transport.
  9. Waste Management: Cages are often used in waste management for collecting and transporting recyclable materials. They provide a secure containment solution for various waste products. Check out our waste management cages for efficient waste handling.

Choose the Right Solution for Your Industry

Understanding the different types of stillages and cages and their functions can optimise your storage and transport operations. Whether you are in the automotive, manufacturing, agriculture, or any other industry, there is a stillage or cage designed to meet your specific needs.

At Stillages & Cages, we offer a comprehensive range of premium quality stillages and cages tailored to various industries.

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