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Why steel stillages can increase your sustainability profile compared to wooden pallets.

As businesses strive to become more sustainable, it is important to consider the environmental impact of all aspects of operations, including the storage and transportation of goods. When it comes to sustainable transportation, the choice between wooden pallets and metal stillages can be a crucial one. While wooden pallets have been the traditional choice for many years, metal stillages offer a more durable, environmentally friendly and customisable option.

Metal stillages can be reused for years, making them a more sustainable option compared to wooden pallets, which often have a short lifespan due to the thin wood used in their construction. Metal stillages are built to last, and you can get far more use out of them, this is particularly beneficial for businesses that require line-side kitting or frequent transportation of goods. Plus, they are available in a range of designs, including collapsible metal pallets, trolleys, A-Frame trolleys, mesh stillages, solid stillages, post pallets, tyre stillages and more. This means whatever your storage or transportation needs, there is a metal stillage design that can meet them. 

Another benefit of metal stillages is their low carbon footprint. Wooden pallets may store carbon throughout their service life, but when they eventually break down or are discarded, this carbon is released back into the atmosphere as CO2, a potent greenhouse gas. This means that wooden pallets have a heavy carbon footprint, contributing to climate change. Metal stillages don’t have this issue, making them the better option for businesses looking to reduce their carbon footprint.

Wooden pallets aren’t environmentally friendly. The production of wooden pallets often involves cutting down carbon-sequestering trees, which contributes to deforestation and the loss of natural habitats. Additionally, wooden pallets contribute to overflowing landfills and perpetuate the wasteful linear supply chain model in which items are eventually discarded. Metal stillages offer a much more sustainable solution compared to wooden pallets. They have a much longer lifespan and can be reused for years, making them a more robust and durable option. Metal pallets are a sustainable option that can be reused and recycled.

When wooden pallets are shipped to different locations, they can introduce bacteria, beetles, and fungi that can disrupt ecosystems and damage local plant and animal life. Laws have been put in place requiring wood to be treated with toxic chemicals. This not only has negative consequences for the environment but also puts workers in contact with hazardous substances. Metal stillages don’t require toxic treatments and are globally welcomed.

Metal stillages are not susceptible to damage from moisture, pests, or exposure to the elements. This means they can be used for outdoor storage and transportation without the need for additional protection. Metal pallets are also easy to clean and sanitize, which makes them ideal for use in the food and pharmaceutical industries. They can be steam cleaned, pressure washed, or treated with disinfectants without the risk of damage or contamination.

Wooden pallets have a heavy carbon footprint, toxic emissions, short lifespan, and aren’t environmentally friendly whereas metal stillages are long-lasting, bespoke designs are available, they have a low carbon footprint, and are cost-effective. Whether you need stackable stillages and cages, forklift transportation, handling equipment, lifting equipment, storage solutions, warehouse storage, or transport storage, metal stillages are the way to go. And with bespoke designs for any specification, they’re the ideal solution for any business looking to increase its sustainability profile while ensuring its transportation and storage needs are met. So why not consider metal stillages for your business today?