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Unlocking the advantages of purchasing bespoke stillages and cages from a UK manufacturer.

Are you in the market for stillages or cages? You might be considering purchasing from an international supplier for cheaper pricing, but have you considered buying from a UK manufacturer like Lowe Stillages and Cages? There are many benefits to purchasing your Stillages and Cages from a UK manufacturer.

One of the biggest advantages of buying from a UK stillage and cage manufacturer is that you’re supporting local businesses. This helps to stimulate the UK economy and create jobs within the country. Purchasing from a UK manufacturer also reduces your carbon footprint as there will be less transportation involved. This means that by choosing Lowe Stillages and Cages, you’re not only getting high-quality products but you’re also supporting the local economy. 

Another advantage of buying from a UK manufacturer is that it can be more cost-effective than buying from a supplier. Suppliers often add an extra markup for themselves, driving up the price of the products they sell. By buying directly from a manufacturer, you can cut out the middleman and avoid paying unnecessary markup fees. You will receive the same high-quality stillages and cages at a lower price, helping your business save money and thrive.

Buying from a UK manufacturer like Lowe Stillages and Cages means you have access to a wider range of products. We offer a variety of stillages and cages, including collapsible metal pallets, trolleys, A-Frame trolleys, mesh stillages, solid stillages, post pallets, tyre stillages and bespoke storage solutions. You can find the perfect solution for your specific needs without having to compromise on quality or design. 

Here at Lowe Stillages and Cages, we can also create bespoke designs to suit all project specifications. If you have a specific requirement, we can have our design team create a bespoke solution, tailored to your needs. This ensures that you get exactly what you need without having to settle for a standard product that may not meet all of your requirements. Whether you need bespoke stillages and cages, A-frames, or trolleys, our UK-based manufacturing facility has exactly what you need.

Purchasing your stillages and cages from a UK manufacturer also ensures that you will have access to higher-quality products. UK manufacturers must adhere to strict quality control standards to ensure that our products meet regulations and are safe to use. Here at Lowe Stillages and Cages, we pride ourselves on being CE accredited. We comply with all European Union regulations, making our products secure and reliable and giving you peace of mind that our products meet the necessary standards. Having the “Made in Britain” mark on your products is an indicator of quality and is a testament to the high standards of UK Manufacturing. It signifies that the product was designed and made in the UK, meeting strict criteria and standards for quality, safety and ethical production. 

Another great benefit of buying from a UK manufacturer is the ease of communication during the design process. With bespoke products, it’s important to ensure that the manufacturer understands your specific requirements and can create a solution tailored to your needs. When you purchase from a UK manufacturer like Lowe Stillages and Cages, you can have easy contact with our design team, making it easier to communicate and collaborate with them throughout the design process. It’s also easier to reach a UK manufacturer if you have any questions or concerns. Unlike international suppliers, you can communicate with the manufacturer in the same time zone. This can be particularly valuable when purchasing handling and lifting equipment that may require maintenance in the future, as you can quickly and easily reach our team for assistance.

Buying from a UK manufacturer like Lowe Stillages and Cages offers numerous benefits, including supporting local businesses, access to a wider range of products, bespoke design solutions, higher quality products and easy communication. Whether you need stillages, cages, A-Frames, trolleys or bespoke storage solutions, here at Lowe Stillages and Cages, we can provide you with the highest quality products and exceptional customer service.